Tie Down Straps

JB tie down straps is engineered to meet the toughest requirements of our customers in diverse industries from trucking fleets, waste disposal, railroads, agriculture, construction and hardware.

JB straps are manufactured in the popular natural rubber version and EPDM rubber to meet all our customers’ requirements and come in all sizes ranging from 4”, 9”, 15”, 21”, 24” (adjustable), 31” and 41”. Each strap has two galvanized “S” hooks attached.



  • The JB branded product is the market leader and preferred choice of tarp strap in the North American heavy duty trucking and cargo control industry.
  • JB Natural rubber line is distinguished by
    • High tensile material that has proven for durability.
    • Superior elongation & dependable stretch recovery.
    • Excellent Low temperature performance.
    • Good outdoor and weather resistance.
  • JB EPDM line is a premium line that offers similar stretch properties as the natural rubber line and in addition a better weather and ozone resistance to offer longer service life.
  • Each Strap is load tested and individually inspected at the factory for additional safety.
  • Hooks are offered crimped to reduce installation costs, minimize damage to expensive tarps and retention of hooks in service.


  • Standard packing in 50 pieces per box. Individual barcode tags and Retail Packs.


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